Cenée, a visual poem about non-binary gender

“A poetic proof that gender has not always been an issue.” Film Direction & Photography by Alejandro BORJAS DUNCAN. Models are Nathan Peron, Elea Bujosa, Pauline Painchault, Emett Suzie Moneze, Lisa Leroux, Brenda Oliveros.

«Cenée» is a visual poem whose story is inspired by a Greek myth and its abstract form has been influenced by the visual novel «The Cage», published by Martin Vaughn-James in 2002. Its goal is to teach us one thing: gender was not an issue in Ancient Greece and the concept of identity is more fluid than what we even want to admit.”

“I believe our identity is something we all create every day. It evolves, it changes, it adapts. It’s a construction influenced by our beliefs, our experiences, the world that surrounds us, and our own uniqueness… The original myth of Caeneus tells the story of a woman that, after being sexually abused by Poseidon, she asks him to be turned into a man, « so that she can never be vulnerable again.”

“This film starts with that event but the narrative evolves into an internal search about self-identity and the conjunction of masculinity and femininity in the same individual. It supports the concept of non-binary gender in a subtle way.

« Cenée » goes against the fact that even nowadays we are supposed to build a cage, a prison for our ideas, for our self-expression to limit us, to make us believe that everything is black or white, right or wrong, male or female. Once we stop thinking in a binary way, only then, we will be able to accept ourselves and everyone else.

Greek mythology was my main inspiration because it’s the culture we tend to look at when we’re looking for answers to old humanity questions. I was surprised to see that ancient greeks already knew the concept of non-binary gender and in some way or another they integrated into their culture and passed it on to the next generations. Today, more than ever, we should learn from them to accept everyone as they want to be”

“I am a Venezuelan artist based in Paris and I made this project with a bunch of friends and artists from France and other countries. With a small budget, I decided to surround myself with motivated and engaged people that were willing to give a voice to the non-binary community. I worked with fashion designers from Paris, jewellery crafters from the South of France and even antique dealers from La Ciotat.”

Film Direction & Photography by Alejandro BORJAS DUNCAN: @borjasduncan

Models :
Nathan Peron: @ntnprn
Elea Bujosa: @arzak.rhapsody
Pauline Painchault: @poliphasme
Emett Suzie Moneze: @emett.suzie
Lisa Leroux: @lolisadie
Brenda Oliveros: @olivbren

1st Director Assistant: Marion Cavat: @marioncavat_vin
Make up by Dana R.: @danamua__

Brands used are: Calher Delaeter : @calherdelaeter

Jewelry :
Sybille Flouret: @Sybilleflouretbijoux
Vanité Marseille
Brocante Laure de Noves (La Ciotat)

Alexi Shell – I wish I was a mermaid EP: @alexi_shell
Lex Villena – Bladerunner