Childish reasons

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Pernille Augusta, a 20-year-old fashion photographer based in Trondheim, Norway. Models are Haakon Korbi Kolstad signed at VLVT Models, Charlotte Blancos and Edvard Olai Langvand. All looks are from the vintage-shop Prisløs.

“I like to explore the fine line between childhood and youth. With inspiration from my own childhood memories, books and everyday life I have made my own suburban world. In most of my pictures, I use my younger siblings as models to represent myself in my own world.
My work is a mix of art, fashion and snapshots of my family, friends and surroundings. This is my latest fashion editorial *Childish reasons*, hope you like it.” *Pernille Augusta

Photography by Pernille Augusta / Instagram: @pernille.augusta
Models are Haakon Korbi Kolstad signed at VLVT Models / Instagram: @haakonkorbi
Charlotte Blancos / Instagram: @charlotteblancos
And Edvard Olai Langvand / Instagram: @edvard_langvand