COLONIA NOVA, Neukölln’s hot spot for fashion, art and events

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Colonia Nova is a creative studio house and event space located in the heart of Neukölln, in Berlin. It’s a hot spot for art, entertainment and conferences in the hip area of Neukölln. Colonia Nova hosts studios from artists, production companies, graphic designers, writers, photographers, architects and many more. Putting many creatives from many professions under the same roof. Text by Danaï Loukas

Appart from the 2 floors dedicated to the studios, Colonia Nova also offers a very special event space, cross border between industrial space and chic. Its huge loft gives the possibility to host all kinds of events, whether they are business events, fashion shows, exhibitions, product presentations and so on.

Founded in August 2012 by cultural manager Michael Haufe and art auctioneer Fares Al-Hassan, Colonia Nova was developed as the hub of a ramified creative network of 15 years of creative work in Berlin.

To present some of the few amazing people working in the creative house.
Cris and Lacy, our favorite paper artists…

Cris and Lacy met in the Autumn of 2016 through an magazine article about Berlin based paper artists. On visiting each others studios and eating salad together, Cris; a stop-motion director and paper-craft artist, and Lacy; a set & interior designer also specializing in paper arts, decided to band together to tackle larger, more diversified projects. They have since set up a functioning prop making/ stop-motion studio at the Colonia Nova address where they have produced works for Coca-Cola & Adobe, and Adidas Maker-Lab.

Making Colonia Nova the official place where they launch their fun new collabo project under the title Crizilla & Delasey! The dynamic duo imagines a world where lizard monsters and fancy furry cats team up to fight monotony with a color spectrum of lightning bolts.

The very talented German fashion photographer, Julia

Julia von der Heide is a German fashion and portrait photographer based in Berlin. She has her studio, together with other photographers, in the lovely Colonia Nova in Neukölln. The Colonia Nova loft is perfect for photoshootings thanks to the amazing daylight filling the space. For Julia, Colonia Nova is also a great spot to be connected with other creative.

Our favorite duo, Camille and Christoph, the two faces behind Maison C.C

Maison C.C. is a graphic design and creative studio based in Berlin. It is the result of a strong and ever growing friendship and partnership between Christoph Niklas Stender and Camille Lafourcade.

Their paths crossed in 2013 and 2 years later they founded Maison C.C. Together they bring years of experience in the fields of advertising, fashion and design. Maison C.C. is a combination of international savoir faire and local interest. With clients ranging from global companies such as Volkswagen to Berlin club references such as Berghain and Altered Soul Experiment.

Christoph and Camille have had their studio in Colonia Nova since November 2016. It was their first real work space and what they love about it most, is the real diversity of professions. They got to share their studio with paper and stop motion artists Cris Wiegandt and Lacy Barry. Also they are fans of the rooftop tomatoes in the summer too.

Maison C.C.

Colonia Nova hosts various events too. The events go from business events, to video shootings, fashion shows, workshops, conferences and more. To give a few example…

Some months ago the famous Parisian school Atelier Chardon Savard organized a fashion show to bring together students from Berlin and Paris: the #PARISMEETSBERLIN. That was a great opportunity to discover upcoming talents of the international fashion scene in a true catwalk atmosphere and to be inspired by fashion students.

SNIPES brought their team from Cologne two times in the last six months and turned the loft into a fashion showroom to present their collections to buyers during the selling periods.

The renowned paper artist Adriana Napolitano occupied the space for a day to realize a
photo shooting.

Oculus Medium partnered with VRBase, one of Colonia Nova’s inhouse studios a Berlin-based VR incubator, to sponsor a VR Game Jam last August. Over fifty participants, which included programmers, artists, 3D scanners and audio engineers, came together to make 8 unique projects over the course of 48 hours.

So with its great diversity of artists and its vibrant creative energy, Colonia Nova is a perfect spot for events, designers, exciting business meetings and collaborations between artists. Do you also want your event to take place at Colonia Nova? Just send an email to and let their great team help you with the organization. If you are looking for a studio space, you can also get in touch with them they’d be happy to hear about your project and help you whenever a place becomes available!

text by Danaï Loukas