Common Ground

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Sebastian Vistisen Toft. Models are Mikkel Wonsbek and Veronika Smolikova. Make up by Hataichanok Gawinmethee. Creative direction by Jens Skov Østergaard. Styling by Kridipat Charoenchaipiyakul using RENÈ.

Photography by Sebastian Vistisen Toft / / Instagram: @sebastianvistisentoft
Model is Mikkel Wonsbek signed at Le Management / Instagram: @Mikkelwonsbek
Model is Veronika Smolikova / Instagram: @smolikovaveronika
Make up by Hataichanok Gawinmethee / Instagram: @hataiichanok
Creative direction by Jens Skov Østergaard / Instagram: @jeast___
Styling by Kridipat Charoenchaipiyakul / Instagram: @kridipat

Brands used are: RENÈ
Instagram name of each brand: @rene.cph.official