Constança Entrudo Fall/Winter 2019-20

#ModaLisboa – INSIGHT! I’m totally in love with Constança Entrudo! Her fashion is all that Berlin fashion is not: exciting, young, fresh! With her new Fall / Winter collection she immediately became one of our favourite designers from Portugal.

All fabrics and prints are handmade inspired by a visit to an old Madeira Embroidery fabric that closed in 2017. Photos: Ugo Camera

Constança Entrudo was born in Lisbon. She lived in London for six years, where she graduated in Textile Design from the prestigious Central Saint Martins and worked for Marques’Almeida and Peter Pilotto. In 2017, she became designer of Balmain, under the creative direction of Oliver Rousteing in Paris, and launches her brand at ModaLisboa, where she presents the first collection in her own name for the summer of 2018.

Her creativity is not shaped by rules, predefined structures or a single perspective or aesthetic language, not wanting to exclude new possibilities for discovery, experimentation and collaboration with other designers or artists. Therefore, her collections cannot be limited by gender or age – they are always for the freedom to imagine, to concretize and to dress.