Container Love presents Love Has No Label

The latest film and editorial, Love Has No Label, is a milestone in the truest sense. A collaboration between Container Love´s own Christian Ruess, filmmaker Ben Galster and photographer Andreas Knaub.

“Our series rollout will span over the next five weeks. Videos and context will be released on our website and Instagram. If you did not have the chance to attend our exhibition screening of Love has no Label last November, this is your opportunity to watch our films for the first time. And for those who did attend, you can rewatch our films again and fall in love with the stories that have captivated many of us. So mark your calendars!”

“It is the very essence of Container Love and of everything we stand for. We all have got a history of going against people’s expectations and doing everything to pursue happiness. Because we know that people evolve and grow and there is no way anyone can keep them hidden in the men-made cages that are stereotypes.”

“We all grow up in a system of stereotypes, we all grow up believing that people are supposed to put other people in boxes – that’s how society works. We ain’t making the rules. But do we realize what this system does to us? No one can win with a losing hand.

Every human being has got a desire for individuality. You can be special, they say, but only within the designated framework. Trespassers will be shot. You better know your place. Choose a colour, choose a dream, choose love from the official inventory. Whatever it takes to make the box feel like home. Because it is home, isn’t it? Say it. What’s wrong with some compromises? For the greater good. For the sake of your mom, your friends, for the neighbour’s dog. Everyone’s gonna be happier, they say.

One thing they don’t say is that the process of maturing should be about constantly exposing, questioning and challenging the very stereotypes we’ve been taught to believe in blindly.”

Love has no Label is a labour of love, a multimedia series about those who dare to live on the periphery of social convention. Produced by Studio Christian Ruess’ home-bred art platform, Container Love, is an ever-changing sociocultural experiment with one unified message: making love visible for everyone.

Love Has No Label’s ethos is predicated around diverse and inclusive storytelling, creating a platform that enthrals audiences. It gives real accounts of what the dynamics of love look like in modern times. It’s fueled by real, authentic, uncompromised stories that take us to the core of the human experience.