A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial that celebrates queerness, diversity, authenticity and acceptance through-provoking shapes, contrast and unexpected matching. In light of the very worrying situation of LGBTQIA+ rights in Lithuania, the editorial stands as a form of support to the community in Lithuania and elsewhere. Photography by Karolis Damauskas. Models are Matthew Dane Livingston , Morta Kazlauskaite and Deividas Jaroska. Make up by Juste Vaskeviciute. Text by Kriste Oster.

I’m not loved, as long as your love doesn’t count.
I’m not important, as long as you’re not understood.
I’m not safe, as long as you’re oppressed.
I’m not beautiful until every colour is beautiful.
I’m not myself until your differences are celebrated.
I don’t matter until you do.

All the love and support to the LGBTQIA+ community, during these crucial times and always.

Note: The first openly gay Lithuanian MP not only was recently targeted by a petition asking that he be removed as chairman of the parliamentary Human Rights Committee, but his life was threatened in an anti-lockdown rally this weekend. (More about this here).

Photography by Karolis Damauskas / Instagram: @ka_damauskas
Models are Matthew Dane Livingston / / Instagram: @the.greatdane, Morta Kazlauskaite / Instagram: @morta.mor, Deividas Jaroska / Instagram: @jaroskavibes
Make up by Juste Vaskeviciute / Instagram: @vasketeria
Styling by Morta Kazlauskaite / Instagram: @morta.mor, Deividas Jaroska / Instagram: @jaroskavibes
Text by Kriste Oster / Instagram: @ooosterrr

Fashion Brands are: House of Marmol, vintage and second hand (incl. vintage adidas), Morta Mor designs