Cyber Bola

The editorial presents a short story of a girl collecting information. She is a spy who uses inventions and machines, including drones, for her work. A futuristic vision that may be frightening but is very posssible nowadays. We are and we feel constantly observed and overheard. We wanted the tone of the session to be not only disturbing but emphasizing a certain acceptance of the future and the cyber world.

Our heroine is a confident woman in the cyber world, not only in terms of style – fashion – She is part of the cyber world of the future. The knitwear pattern and crowd graphics which is a pixel multiplication of the image of a crowd of people, brings to mind cyber camuflage – the cyber moro pattern.

Hologram jewellery with pearls emphasizes modernity and self-confidence. This piece of jewellery is a new project of Ola Bajer, the designer. She creates in cooperation with Katarzyna Czarnecka (@katcutstudio)

Fashion by Ola Bajer / @bajerolabola
Model is Maya @wrobelmajaa_
Photography by Pojman – Karol Pojmański @_pojman_
photo asistant: Jan Ruchniewicz / Mikołaj Pojmański @postrenaissance_ / @lilpojman
makeup: Ciotka ( Tobiasz Kujawa ) @freestylevoguing
hair style: Stanisław Michalski  / Jaga Huapło Born to create @stasiekm / @jagahupalo
designer asistant: Ciotka  ( Tobiasz Kujawa ) / Paweł Grzywacz @ins3ct
shoes:  Dr Martens