David Pereira Spring / Summer 2018 – NATIVE

#OneToWatch from Sangue Novo at ModaLisboa and WINNER OF MODALISBOA AWARD.  From an early age, David Pereira had contact with the textile sector by family influence. His passion for fashion and vocation for the arts and design nourished a fascination with urban culture, and led him to travel to various European countries to get to know the European textile culture. And we can see that in his new collection: NATIVE! Androgynous silhouette, inspired by the blend of streetwear codes applying luxurious techniques in the spiritual encounter of well-being. Organic living, network of life. Primitive cross-country urban tribes. Evolutionary codes, rulers of civilizational laws. Accept the dream by making it come true. Organic metamorphoses of image / culture, mixture of origins. From the aggressiveness of social exclusion, to intrinsic spiritual harmony. Techniques inspired by the blend of needs of a living planet reflected in the image. Lines woven by the body, lived in the ephemeral elements of eternal beauty. Indecision is the certainty of evolution and the universal language of all ways of dressing the life of the world.

In Paris he deepened his passion for fashion and graduated in Fashion Design from Esmod. Trained at the companies KTZ and Vivienne Westwood. Worked as stylist and designer at Tealer, a Parisian streetwear brand, as well as at LPS Clothing.

Currently he is responsable for the textile creation and innovation at the company TMR fashion clothing LDA, in Guimarães, Portugal.

Photos: Ugo Camera