De-Polarise by Liliana Osorio

Introducing De-Polarise by Liliana Osorio. A photographer and Master in Fashion Photography currently residing in Madrid. “I grew up watching my mother water the plants in the garden and decorate our home with flowers. Flowers symbolize love and family for me and through their language, I am transported to my maternal home in Caracas where I lived many moments of company and celebration.”

“My intention with this project is to merge nature and technique, flower and scanner. The brush is replaced by the flower with which I “paint” on the surface of a homemade scanner while it meticulously explores the physical space that the flower occupies, processing successive images of itself. This fusion generates new images of something familiar, abstract images where colours change, shapes become strange and depths lose scale. Everything that he knew up to that moment of that living organ is transformed into a more mysterious and extraordinary version of himself.
I am drawn to the manifest polarity in each scanned image, the delicacy of nature and the omnipresence of the technical.

The interest between both poles to occupy each pixel is close to the interest in keeping my memories present, giving them life again when they come to me. Each image of this project gives me back the image of a space, a conversation or a moment lived. This is my way to prolong the existence of the flower and my way to prolong the existence of my memories”.

Photography by Liliana Osorio / / Instagram: @lilianaosoriostudio