Derya Yildirim & Grup ŞimŞek Reimagine the Romance of a Turkish Classic “Oy Oy Emine”

The international quintet Grup ŞimŞek swept us away after delivering a performance that left everyone soaked in sweat in Berlin’s former crematorium silent green Kulturquartier. Featuring haunting, nostalgic and emotive vocals from frontwoman Derya Yildirim, the project has become a necessary listen for anyone interested in this sonic East-West connection.

Grup ŞimŞek just released the video for their 70’s psych cover of “Oy Oy Emine”, a traditional Turkish song narrating a man’s incredible love for a beautiful woman called Emine. Featuring familiar views of an iconic Berlin destination and the captivating frontwoman swirling in silk, we can’t deny the inherent romance of it all.

The quintet will release a double-sided 7” for “Oy Oy Emine” / “Kürk” available Friday, December 14th and hint at what’s to come with their full-length album due in May 2019.


Photography by Colette Pomerleau