Desigual presents Aleesha – MYSELF AGAIN

#VideoPremiere! Aleesha, one of the hot talents coming out of the Spanish R&B scene gives voice and soul to this track, produced by Alizzz for Desigual. This is not a typical music video. And not a typical summer hit either. It is much more. It is an appeal to creativity. It challenges you to be yourself and to believe in yourself, to discover the artist in you and to do what suits you best – and above all, to overcome your fear.

“With this goal in mind, Aleesha and producer Alizzz, who is responsible for many of C. Tangana’s hits, wrote this song for Desigual. The video was shot within 72 hours of the Desigual Colour House in Miami. Each of our performers was allowed to give free rein to his creativity and do what he likes best under the premise “Discover the artist in you”.”

Aleesha Rose was born in Ibiza and moved to Barcelona to build her music career here. She began to compose and record modestly at home and with the help of her sister. At the age of 20, she decided to quit her job and devote herself entirely to her passion – music. Today, Aleesha is one of the most famous singers of the Spanish R&B scene and will soon be seen at well-known festivals such as Sónar and Primavera Sound. Aleesha’s voice, character and character characterize this audiovisual piece, under the premise, “Be yourself!” into an artistic patchwork.

The following personalities have contributed to this music video:
The versatile artist Miranda Makaroff presents her unusual colour palette with brushstrokes, the Catalan artist Blanca Miró Skoudy creates a hypnotic universe in which the antimodel Marina Guindi moves between a real and unreal world, and Claudia Sahuquillo, the queen of body painting, has redesigned the famous Desigual logo and transformed it into two human figures. Other artists and influencers appear, including Jedet, Laura Vandall, Elena Bonamico, Martina Pinto, Alisa Ueno, Ayano Sasaki, Kira Abi Rafeh and Kaya Holl. Here they all embody the motto “BeYourself!”

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“Desigual Colour House is a co-creation space in which we brought together different artists and gave them free rein to create, experiment & be themselves through all kinds of artistic disciplines. Since 1984 Desigual has supported creativity and has served as a platform for all types of artists, both emerging and established, under the firm conviction and philosophy that We Are All Artists.”

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