Dhruv Kapoor Spring/ Summer 2025

Dhruv Kapoor has presented a deeply personal Spring/Summer ’25 co-ed runway show at Milan Fashion Week, charting a person’s journey from childhood to adulthood. His innovative ensembles capture all the observations, innocence, desires, and curiosity of life’s formative stages. Picture summer art projects with old magazine cutouts reimagined for our digital era. Kapoor’s collection brings us back to a time when feelings were natural and thoughts free from societal constraints, only to effortlessly transition us into today’s fashion landscape, where his designs captivate both the wearer and the world.


Eclectic and Timeless Fashion Vibes

The collection is an eclectic medley of borrowed dad shoes, oversized sibling’s pieces, slouchy ’90s fit, flared jeans that pop with nostalgia, vintage-hued summer jorts, and tailored jackets made from cotton sheets. The interplay of past and present is painted with delightful contrasts—giant vs. petite, raw vs. tailored, sophisticated vs. rugged—creating an undercurrent of nostalgic romance. Kapoor’s work evolves childlike rebellion into a mature understanding of self and surroundings, reminding us that a blend of past influences and future aspirations constantly shapes our identities.

Signature Touches and Craftsmanship

True to Kapoor’s signature style, the collection dazzles with eye-catching details and intelligent silhouettes. Traditional Indian handcrafted embroideries, elasticated comforts, charming doodled florals, hand-painted grids, and engineered collage prints bring new learnings to life. Emotional triggers are woven into the very fabric through colours, prints, shapes, and the childhood mascot of a bunny, embroidered and engineered to evoke cherished memories and positive vibes from storybooks.

The collection’s material interplay—washed cotton poplin, upcycled denim, textured faux leather taffeta, glazed nylons, and recycled suiting fabrics—along with a colour palette ranging from hyper brights to muted neutrals, underscores Kapoor’s inclusive magic, seamlessly blending youthfulness with maturity.

Collaborations That Shine

For this special Milan Fashion Week presentation, Kapoor continues his partnership with Italian shoemaker Marsèll, notorious for merging creativity with craftsmanship. The show also features sustainable eyewear brand Junk Plastic Rehab, which creates eyewear from recycled plastic waste enhanced with silver, and Darkai, an eclectic jewellery brand known for its bold and wondrous designs. Together, they foster a community where adornment is seen as a personal statement rather than just an accessory.

KALTBLUT loves every moment of this nostalgic yet futuristic journey Kapoor has crafted, solidifying his place as a visionary in contemporary fashion.