Die Heilige Dreifaltigkeit

This editorial is inspired by The Holy Mountain, a cult film that explores the elevation of the soul through alchemy and occultism. The dark tones of the environment evoke the transition generated in the inner self when a person is doomed and tries to look for the light from within. Creating a perfect balance for the evolution of the species. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Creative direction: Mccalle @mccallefilm / Steve Lopera @leviathan_99
Photography and post: Mcalle @mccallefilm
Styling: Steve Lopera @leviathan_99

MKP: Sarah Khan @sariskhan

Models: Ángel Vlaz @angel_cries /
Diego Marchetti @diegomarchetti16 /
Johan Romaña @johan_dra
Model Agency: Uno x uno @unoxuno

Clothes: Andrea Landa @andrealandaofficial / La petite mort @lapetitemortstudio
Boots: Patricia Mejía @mppatriciamejia
Hats: Daniel Nytröm @danielnystreom