A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Sophie Daum. The editorial »dilir« plays with the feeling of being trapped inside for too long, making up games to kill the time. The stylist on the shoot is Dilara Tuncer, she worked with designer pieces by Marcel Ostertag, Saint Laurant and Charlotte Strindberg as well as well known brands like Falke & Calzedonia. Hair & Make Up is done by Daniela Pulina. The model is Wendy Kesicki (MGM Models).

Photography by Sophie Daum / www.sophiedaum.com / Instagram: @sosodaum
Model is Wendy signed at MGM Models / Instagram: @wendys_cosmos @mgm.models
Styling by Dilara Tuncer / Instagram: @tuncer_dilara
Hair & Make Up by Daniela Pulina / www.daniela-pulina.com / Instagram: @daniela_pulina_mua
Photographic Assistant Nina Petrova / Instagram: @ninapetrovacom

Fashion Brands are ASOS LUXE, Bottega Veneta, Calzedonia, Charlotte Strindberg, Essential Antwerp, Falke, Franziska Michael, GCDS, Konstantin Starke, Miss Selfridge, Pours Studios, Public Desire, Saint Laurant, Steve Madden, Studio Amelia, Tassel Tales, True Decadence, TRUONGII.