Distorted Icons: Eastpak Unveils Avant-Garde Collaboration with AVAVAV

Step into the realm of innovative fashion with the groundbreaking collaboration between Eastpak and the independent fashion house AVAVAV. This surreal collection, first unveiled at Milan Fashion Week, masterfully blends AVAVAV’s luxe streetwear aesthetic with Eastpak’s unwavering functionality and “Built to Resist” ethos.

The collaboration breathes new life into Eastpak’s iconic designs by multiplying and remodelling them, resulting in avant-garde silhouettes punctuated by durability and whimsical details. The journey began with Eastpak’s signature Padded Pak’r backpack. Captivated by its organic shape, AVAVAV’s Creative Director Beate Karlsson envisioned an array of futuristic designs through deconstruction and artistic multiplication, yielding four distinct styles.

The collection—comprising the AV Double Pak’r, AV Reader, AV Bumbag, and AV Mini Bag—launched on June 4th, 2024, and is available globally in select retail stores and online.


Founded in 2020, AVAVAV is an independent fashion bastion, crafted upon the pillars of creative freedom, humour, and entertainment. Under the visionary stewardship of Creative Director Beate Karlsson, AVAVAV continually challenges the norm with its evolving designs.

“For the AVAVAV x Eastpak collaboration, I wanted to design pieces that preserve the essence of Eastpak while introducing new AVAVAV silhouettes. The Padded Pak’r served as the ideal base. Its round, organic shape inspired me to deconstruct and multiply it, creating new, utilitarian forms. This approach culminated in designs like the Bumbag and Reader. The Double Pak’r, resembling our signature bag and finger shapes, felt like a natural extension of the collection. Adding the Mini Bag, based on our signature silhouette, was the perfect finishing touch,” explains Beate Karlsson, Creative Director at AVAVAV.

About Eastpak:
Since 1952, Eastpak has been crafting bags that inspire movement, evolving from a supplier of military packs and duffels for the US Army to a leading lifestyle brand. As part of the VF portfolio since 2000, Eastpak remains committed to the quality that has made it iconic, continuously evolving with its loyal fanbase while steadfastly adhering to its “Built to Resist” motto. From stylish backpacks and shoulder bags to travel gear and accessories, Eastpak merges function with flair for the urban adventurer.