DoDo celebrates the Pride movement

“DoDo celebrates the Pride movement with the big topics that are close to our hearts and that transform our lifestyle and our relationships with others. The concept, which is deeply rooted in the LGBTQIA + community, stands for inclusion in all its facets and the opportunity to freely live out diversity, gender identities and sexual orientations.”

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DoDo includes all colours of the rainbow, without exception. DoDo has always brought people together and wants to offer a wide variety of personalities inspiring opportunities to meet. Diversity and inclusion, exchange and acceptance – fundamental values ​​of the DoDo community that are deeply embedded in DoDo’s DNA – have provided the inspiration for a new limited edition collection.

As a tribute to Pride 2021, DoDo has designed a heart-shaped charm made of rose gold with a lacquer finish as a symbol of “rainbow love” as well as a Nodo bracelet made of silver with a multi-coloured cord, which honours the LGBTQIA + community with its message: “stronger together”. The two limited-edition models aim to convey a message that includes all forms of love and represents the sincere desire to build a society that is thoroughly just and inclusive.