DoDo presents the Cuore Collection

A real declaration of love, even to themselves. Proud, bold, ironic: with the new CUORE collection, DoDo’s love is free from labels and clichés, and free to express itself in all its uniqueness. DoDo continues to celebrate pure and unconventional love with the CUORE collection, which reinterprets the brand’s cult ring 100% Amore by dedicating a holistic collection to it today. A gift of love that is not bound by traditional rules.

For the new 2023 collection, DoDo starts with the iconic ring with a heart made of synthetic ruby to create a unique and precious collection. The signature stone of the line, now combined with natural diamonds, is the synthetic ruby: one of the first stones to be created in the laboratory with masterful and pioneering craftsmanship.

The heart is the core of the line: the delicate stud earrings without pavilion and the filigree bracelet are delicate in their presence but convey a strong message. Both are made of 9-karat rose gold and are united by the new flat-cut synthetic ruby, which is pleasant to the skin and confirms the red thread of the line.

The engraving 100% Amore, the claim that made the line so special and unforgettable, returns as a protagonist on a new and elegant band ring: a modern wedding band, also in 9-karat rose gold and a synthetic ruby as a small set heart, with an ironic and playful soul and a comfortable and natural feel. A piece of jewellery with a strong meaning that you should always have with you.

The ring is renewed with a new solitaire that places the small heart of a synthetic ruby next to diamonds, just like the new princess necklace: the necklace sets the heart of synthetic ruby in 9-karat rose gold and is surrounded by diamonds with a new à jour effect that makes the stone shine. The new thin gourmet necklace with a second-skin effect rests weightlessly on the décolleté.

With the reinterpretation of one of its classics, DoDo creates a collection, a declaration of love, free from labels and clichés, reinventing the engagement ring and giving the heart iconography a collection that is bold and contemporary.

To celebrate love, without rules and without limits.