DoDo´s Letters And Numbers Collection

With the 2023 collection, DoDo’s alphabet is enhanced with new square elements in silver with 18k rose gold plating, engraved with lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and emoji to send messages from the heart.

The new elements form three bracelets with a minimalist ready-to-wear look that speak of love in words without rules and limits: “AMO” and “SEMPRE”, which are equipped with new fluorescent cords – red, light blue – and a slider that allows the clasp can be adjusted, are offered, and “ME”, dedicated to self-love.

The individual elements of the new alphabet are available exclusively through the e-commerce channel to be customized with words, initials and symbols that are close to your heart. The square elements can be worn with bracelets or necklaces, bringing to life the “modularity” that DoDo was a true pioneer of.

But that’s not all: a particular gift version, free of charge with the purchase of the small cubes, renews the classic cords with a new Art Nouveau motif. A recent explosion of colour to celebrate love. Also and especially for yourself.