don’t f**k with cats

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Antonio Labroca. Casting and styling by Amber Baker. Models are Aiden Detlof-Maldonado, Ebrima Nyass and Greta Moser. Art direction and location by t54 studio.

“The post-pandemic atmosphere of this editorial project is a metaphorical projection on the present, directed towards an uncertain but not dystopic future. A story of solar-punk inspiration in which a new horizon is outlined of overturned rules and certainties, animated by herds of fluid individuals who anarchically reject the obsolete binary vision, and stylistically take the “assemble and reuse” as the new militance of a more conscious existing.

They are hungry for life, better don’t f**k with them!

A special thanks to alla the professionals and brands who by participating have been spoken of this vision.
 T54studio is an indie production studio and location for shootings and casting born in 2021 which aims to support creatives in developing their messages.”

Photography by Antonio Labroca / Instagram: @antoniolabroca
Casting and styling by Amber Baker / Instagram: @amberbakerwozere
Art direction and location by t54 studio / Instagram: @t54studio //

Models are: Aiden Detlof-Maldonado signed at Independent / Instagram:@adetlofm / @independent_mgmt
Ebrima Nyass signed at Sophie models / Instagram: @dopest8 / @sophie.models
Greta Moser / Instagram: @barbamozer

Fashion Brands used are:

Alter Alter @the_alteralter / Atelier Florania @atelierflorania / Contemporary Selection by Due.000 @due.000 / Crusade @c.rusade / Dr Martens @drmartensofficial / Georgesband  @georgesband / Levi’s @levis / Marios @marios_official / Marcello Pipitone @marcello_pipitone