A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and Art direction by Maria Kryvobok. Models are Iryna Karpova and Oleksandra Snizhko at agency First Line Management. Styling by July Anderson. All costumes were made for the editorial ‘’Dreamers’’ by July Anderson.

When we were children we believed in fairy tales, we read books about unreal creatures and believed in them, but then we grew up and our belief in miracles didnt matter anymore .

Dreamers is a story about magical creatures living in the world of dreams, a story with no beginning and no end. The fairytale world is available to each of us in our dreams, guarded by dream keepers strolling through the pink lakes of fairytale stories.

In the world of dreamers can easily meet the poppy, the jellyfish, the mermaid, the guardian of the moon, the master of dreams and the white Prankster. Each character is created in a single copy, each costume is sewn to emphasize the character of the hero, so that you again plunge into the world of fairy tale creatures, beautiful stories and incredible Heroes.

Photography and Art direction by Maria Kryvobok / mariakryvobok.myportfolio.com/work / instagram: @maria_kryvobok
Ph. Assistants Volodymyr Kryvobok and Maria Sko / Instagram: @vovan_de_tort @photography_by_sko
Models are Iryna Karpova and Oleksandra Snizhko at agency First Line Management /
Instagram: @irrabagirra @alex.snzhko @firstline.mgmt
Style/beauty by July Anderson / Instagram: @andersonjuly

All costumes were made for the editorial ‘’Dreamers’’ by July Anderson / Instagram: @andersonjuly

Maria Kryvobok is a Ukrainian-born photographer, currently living and working between France and Monaco. An experienced art & commercial photographer and an emerging videographer, Maria has found her passion, approaching life as a collection of moments like memories, feelings, ideas worth capturing with a camera. Maria’s body of work includes an advertising campaign for the Cannes jewelry brand Bijoutier Mathieu and videography for the Kuwaiti star singer Hassan Alaatar. Along with working in studios, Maria Kryvobok focuses on location shooting, regularly replenishing her portfolio with beautiful images made in the heart and the coast of France as well as the charming streets of Monaco. She also works in Italy and Germany from time to time. Last but not the least: at her job she combines pace with thoroughness and enthusiasm with precision.