Dystopia we longed for

Photography by Demetra Spyridoni. Models are Johás Israel and Argyris Frousios, both signed at Ace Models Athens. Creative direction and Styling by Argyris Frousios. A KALTBLUT exclusive. 

“The main goal of this project is to pair the present with the past in order to create a potential, dystopic future. One future that many predicted and no one prevented. The term “Dystopia” applies to more than just a destroyed scenery. It applies to maintaining world peace, raising awareness for environmental protection and preserving the values that make us human. To achieve that, we combined a post-apocalyptic landscape with modern clothing and jewellery.”

Photography by Demetra Spyridoni / Instagram: @dimi.spr
Models are Johás Israel signed at Ace Models Athens / Instagram: @johasisraell
And Argyris Frousios signed at Ace Models Athens / Instagram: @argyrisfrousios
Creative direction/ Styling by Argyris Frousios / Instagram: @argyrisfrousios

Fashion Brands used are:
Vitaly @vitaly / Color Skates @color_skates / Chevignon @chevignon_ch / Collusion @collusionstudios