This is the last collection DZHUS released before the war. The show at Ukrainian Fashion Week took place a few weeks prior to Russia’s invasion, and instead of their traditional showroom in Paris, the DZHUS team was already hiding in a bomb shelter.

The “PSEUDO” concept refers to illusion as the fundamental notion of the metamodernism culture. Duality and hidden senses are undividable from DZHUS design itself, offering numerous metamorphoses of clothing and accessories, and clothing into accessories. The visual aesthetics of the looks is ironic and controversial within themselves, hence, self-sufficient.

In the AW22 line of unified wardrobe items, the designer’s fantasy went further than functional ‘bonuses’: duplicity is materialised literally, and the extra content is physically unveiled, as the pieces are transformed either when delaminated, or once their inside is extracted. The silhouettes are exaggeratedly structured, and the styles divide into two directions: abstract-escapist ‘cocoons’ versus markedly classic pieces, concealing a potential for radical reincarnations. The drop is produced using cruelty-free materials only, according to DZHUS’ values.

Looking back, this collection became somewhat of a prophecy, with its focus on dualism, unexpected changes, and complete reimagination of the normal.

Since designer Irina Dzhus fled from the war, DZHUS has been operated partly from Poland and partly from Ukraine. The brand donates 30% of its profit to the Ukrainian army and animal rights organisations.

Photo: Alexey Ponomarev @pnmrvalexey
Video: Svetlana Symakova @sansasay
Styling: Irina Dzhus / DZHUS Style Studio @irina.dzhus
Music & sound design: EYIBRA @eyibra
Makeup & hair: Marina Reznick @reznick_m
Models: Agripina @xpiizantema/ Firstline, Yulia Dzyhalenko @mangojuly
Styling assistants: Andrii Popov @popovandrii, Natalia Volkova @volkova__natasha_
Ethical footwear: House Martin @housemartin_footwear