Educate Your Ears: _ntrol

Naarm (Melbourne) based electronic music producer, Joe De Blasio, returns with a new alias: __ntrol. His debut EP ‘Resort’ is available now through X Amount Records. On ‘Resort’, __ntrol builds on the dark and mystifying sounds that defined his earlier work, bringing a modern approach to old-school raver aesthetics. It’s his bold reintroduction, and an essential addition to the local electronic music canon.


In support of the EP, __ntrol released a single and music video for the tape’s opener, ‘Between the Corners’. On this track, __ntrol evokes the genius of yesteryear’s IDM giants – it has the subtlety of 90s Squarepusher with a healthy dollop of 00s Aphex Twin, for good measure. The accompanying music video is a window into __ntrol’s creative world, full of disjointed nostalgia, abstract images and VHS noise. 

As a full project, ‘Resort’ shows __ntrol flexing his range and depth. From the jittery 2step of ‘Dust’ to more immediate, punchier cuts like ‘Blueprint’, __ntrol delivers a tape of back-to-back belters. Listen for yourself, and join us in celebrating this new chapter in his creative journey.

Resort is out now: