Educate Your Ears: dot Vom

Text Me Records announce the release of dot Vom’s new EP ‘Melatonin’. The Bay Area indie-surf rock band, headed by non-binary vocalist Dany Ricci, has existed in a state of flux since 2013, living out a long rotation of genres and band members before finding their footing in 2018 with a five-member roster and a tongue-in-cheek but earnest brand of over-disclosure. With ‘Melatonin’ the band showcase an array of dreamy lo-fi gems aka your newest addition to the perfect summer soundtrack has just been served to you on a silver platter.

Songwriter and vocalist Dany Ricci (one of the two remaining veterans from the original lineup, along with bassist Katiana Mashikian) channels a quarter-life crisis through raw emotion and blunt lyrics, rendering self-deprecatory torch songs almost charming until they’re cut down by rolling waves of distortion, courtesy of guitarists Beau Mathews and Zach Fahrney. Practically raised by wolves (60s oldies, 80s Cantopop, and 40s Italian crooners), Ricci draws from an eclectic range of outdated influences to create their own Omnichord-driven vein of pop. Keeping them current is drummer Shahan Salim, formerly of SF cave-show staples Banshee Boardwalk and Schlemiel O’Neil.

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Stream the EP to your liking here:

Feature photo by Kristina Bakrevski