Educate Your Ears: ELLES

ELLES releases her debut album A Celebration Of The Euphoria Of Life, the first LP on naive and marks the 5th anniversary of the Lisbon label. Across the album’s eleven tracks, ELLES writes a story through a conceptual arc that follows her (and all of us) from leaving the office on a Friday and entering the cathartic process of going out clubbing and its ramifications. Weaving personal reflections with collective experiences, it tells the ultimate tale of nightlife as a continuum of blissful resistance using beautifully programmed beats and melodic incantations, all narrated by sensitive, synesthesic lyrics and vocal mantras.

A Celebration Of The Euphoria of Life is the story of a night out and all the nights out. Written largely when all the pubs and clubs were shut, it’s a love-letter to those vital communIty spaces for finding your people and pleasures and also about personal healing, processing life and discovering moments of clarity amidst the noise. An open-hearted tribute to the joyful and sometimes bittersweet abandon of the craic and all it’s given me.