Educate Your Ears: psykke

‘Naked Truth’ is the startling debut from Italian-Australian singer and composer psykke, out now on independent Swedish label Cherish. “’Naked Truth’ was written about our susceptibility to vulnerability which occurs when we are truly seen, and the fragility that being embraced by another human being entails,” they explain. “The price is the relinquishing of a well-built facade.” With a background in jazz, psykke’s roots are entwined with improvised melodies diffused over atypical beats and vocals which grow increasingly polychromatic, chased by the looming presence of a modular synth – producing a compelling, abstracted and hypnotic sound.  ‘Naked Truth’ is taken from the upcoming album Metamorpha.

Videography by Stefan Schmied at Expander film, Berlin
Song written & produced by: psykke
From the upcoming album: Metamorpha
Co-produced by: Gordon Raphael & Ola Orlando Rognlien
Mastered by: Frida Claeson Johansson
Selfie photo filter by: Johanna Jaskowska
‘Naked Truth’ cover art by: psykke
A release in collaboration with Kobalt/AWAL