Endless Hope by Adrianna Soltys

A KALTBLUT EXCLUSIVE. Photographer Adrianna Soltys teamed up with stylist Piotr Teczynski and makeup artist Magda Zemowska for this incredible series. Model is Tife signed. Adrianna Soltys is a fashion and beauty photographer from Poland. “Endless Hope” was inspired by nature – the breath of a forest and the vastness of the ocean. As their symbols, Adrianna Soltys has chosen two colors, green and blue, which turned to be the leitmotiv of the photoshoot.
 Green means nature, plants, hope, and a new life. Blue is a sky, melancholy, longing, delicacy. 

“Styles, locations, and light in our editorial are reflections of return to the normal life, but not only of that. New pandemic lifestyles forced us to abandon special, unique dresses, complicated outfits, and overdrawn pieces. So the editorial is also a dream, desire, and longing of forgotten beauty. So stop for the moment and hope for better tomorrow.”

Photography by Adrianna Soltys / www.asoltys.com / Instagram: @adriannasoltys.studio
Model is Tife signed at SPP Models / Instagram: @only_tife
Style by Piotr Teczynski / Instagram @tyczi
Makeup by Magda Zemowska / Instagram @magda_zemowska
Locations are Pierwszy Stopień / @pierwszystopien
And Niebo w Gębie / Instagram @niebo_w_gebie_hawaii


Brands are Krystian Szymczak, Magdalena Nowak, Mateusz Gurgul, Mariola Kołtun, Pola
Zag, Jak Król, Le Szapo Hat Szop, Pavillion Vintage Classics, Klaudia Klimas, Punca
Studio, Nikola Fedak, Filip Kozak, Magdalena Wilk-Dryło