Epic tranquillity by Archivarius

Introducing Archivarius, a young fashion brand founded by two sisters Kseniia and Elizaveta Fedorovy, who are working and living between two cities, Prague and Moscow. Photography and VFX by Iryna Drahun. Models are Gertie Adelaido and Demian Kovalov.

“Epic tranquillity” is a collection reflecting a search of self, a re-thinking of the worlds within and without. Tranquillity is an exceptional feeling, an exceptional condition…

Lonely figures wander the abandoned scenery, thoughtfully looking for answers or peacefully observing the world around them… What path lies behind? What awaits ahead? What thoughts visit them? Only this is certain: they are calm. But the tranquillity is not oblivion, it does not lack feeling and emotion. It could be a result of great events, from triumphs to catastrophes, where no place is left for the trivial, the egotistical, the quotidian.

The mood of epic tranquillity can be recognized in the balanced design between smooth rounded forms and sharp lines; between the pastels and the bright orange. The burst of orange represents self-reflection and bliss, the spiritual enlightening which will lead you through the unexplored paths of existence…”

Photography and VFX by Iryna Drahun / www.indiaray.net / Instagram: @iryna_drahun
Style by Kseniia Fedorova / Instagram: @ksenigiorgio and Liza Fedorova / Instagram: @verystupidlizard
Models are Gertie Adelaido / Instagram: @nintendogertie and Demian Kovalov / Instagram: @xerror.exe

Fashion Brand is Archivarius @100010archive100010

“We are Liza and Kseniia Fedorovy, sisters from a small town in the north of Russia called Apatity. We were always interested in clothes, fashion and art, and in 2014, when we graduated high school we decided to enter the university of art and design in the Czech Republic. Both of us are in the fourth year of the BCA program at the Faculty of Fashion Design making our final collections. Over the course of our studies, we had internships in Prague at Laformela brand and in Paris at Vejas brand, where we worked closely with the designers and have learned a lot about the practical side of the profession. We took this year off to focus more on our own project and to be in Moscow with our family in these difficult times.

As for assigning roles in our project, I am usually responsible for menswear and Liza is for womenswear. Normally we start from setting a common direction for a collection and then design men and women lines separately consulting together on important decisions, so it feels natural for both of us. Understanding each other as family and as creative professionals makes us an excellent duo.

Archivarius was originally founded in 2018 (at that time called “ARCHIVE”) as a collection of our student work created over the past few years. In the beginning, there were both individual pieces and small collections on a variety of topics with little or no common concept. We’ve always tried to explore everything there is to know about clothes, gradually learning sewing skills and techniques, focusing on the things that we enjoy and do well. A lot of changes and improvements lie ahead. Not so long ago, we changed the brand‘s name from ARCHIVE to Archivarius to make it more distinctive in need to take the brand to the next level for moving forward in the controversial fashion world.

The concept springs from the brand’s name. “Archive” (as “an archival item”) can be defined as an exceedingly rare piece of designer clothing. it’s all about experiencing a time in fashion when things were a little more exclusive. We knowingly took the word “archive” in quotes to make fun of ourselves, to compare apples and oranges. There are many world-famous designers and fashion houses with a long history and heritage, whose rarest pieces are researched, collected and resold. We are not among them. Our clothes are not so exclusive and desirable, but we aim to make unique garments that will always be relevant and wearable regardless of time.

Each piece we create is not just a nice thing to wear to us; it carries certain emotions and memories. And we would like to invite people to create their own context by wearing these pieces; to continue the story we started by designing and tailoring them. That’s why in our tagline MAKE THIS YOUR “____” there is blank space purposely left for one to fill it with what feels right, what the garment is or will become for them. Let one make it their own “archive” and let the Archivarius be the archive’s creator.”