Etnia Barcelona presents its new #BeAnartist campaign for the launch of Mambo Vol.1 Collection

Once more the Barcelona eyewear firm reaffirms its bold, rebellious nature, bringing us a cheerful campaign to celebrate that adrenalin rush, that yearning for a good time, helping us revisit the most amazing parties of our lives celebrated in Barcelona. Images exuding spontaneity convey us to the most vibrant, the most entertaining Barcelona.

The new Etnia Barcelona Mambo Collection is, by nature, optimistic, eclectic and unique. A tribute to the values of the brand: form and colour in their purest state. Five new models of oversized sunglasses, inspired by the psychedelia of a Barcelona that never sleeps. A representation of the enthusiasm, joy and beat of the city.

Crafted details and painstakingly worked laminations all go to make up these geometrical maxi glasses, created in natural acetate and with their “form within a form” effect enhanced by the superpositioning of contrasting colours. Vibrant hues like ivory, turquoise, orange, red or violet blend with Havanas, browns, blues and greens to create a delicate effect, all put together with leading-edge technology.

The new Etnia Barcelona #BeAnartist campaign is an authentic fiesta. Mambo leads us through the most iconic parts of El Raval, the liveliest, most cultural, most cosmopolitan district of Barcelona.

An itinerary along which our protagonists are drawn by the hustle and bustle of La Boquería, drawing them to the traditional, generational stalls like “La Pepi”, the fishmonger’s, or to the bar of Pinotxo Bar.

Mambo, a collection that invites us to dream of repossessing that freedom to go back out and dance. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!