A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Moni Brenner. Models are Tina Tsoneva and Lilly Pelz. Hair & Make up by Alex Kosoresow. Fashion by Ritual Unions, Katharina Nous. Moni Brenner (she/her) is a Cologne-based (Germany) photo artist with a strong affection for analogue photography. Aiming to create a dreamy romantic atmosphere in her pictures, her work focuses on honest portraits caught in the fragility of the grain. Drawn by contrasts such as light and darkness, black & white, „good“ and „bad“, incompatibilities in life but also aesthetics of subcultures – especially from the punk and rock scene – are her sources of inspiration.

The editorial ever.more is an attempt to reveal a space within those inconsistencies. A very personal and individual interpretation of the genre bridal, pictured in between the extremes of boldness and weakness. Loss or gain, never been closer. Evermore. The Berlin-based label Ritual Unions focuses on their sustainable and hand-made creations on brave and unique designs, offering bridal fashion to the non-stereotypical.

Photography by Moni Brenner / Instagram: @monilog_
Models are Tina Tsoneva signed at EVERYDAY PEOPLE Agency / Instagram: @pfeffigraff
and Lilly Pelz signed at EVERYDAY PEOPLE Agency / Instagram: @lilly.pelz
Hair & Make up by Alex Kosoresow / Instagram: @astudio.cgn
Styling by Moni Brenner / Instagram: @monilog_
Photography assistance by Jana Junker / Instagram: @katharina.nous

Fashion Brands used are Ritual Unions, Katharina Nous
Instagram name of each brand: @ritualunions @katharina.nous