Ex Hex – Hold onto your neon spandex!

Glam rockers Ex Hex are charging through Europe and the US for their 2015 tour. Indiekollektiv @ Magnet, Berlin – Feb 20! Reminiscent of The Runaways and Joan Jett in her glory days, the Washington D.C-based garage-punk band Ex Hex haven’t wasted any time since their debut album release late last year. Lead singer/guitarist Mary Timothy isn’t shy of the spotlight either having already being a member of Autoclave, Helium and Wild Flag.


The same goes for fellow members bassist/singer, Betsy Wright (Childballads) and drummer Laura Harris (Aquarium, Benjy Ferree), all moulding their own tastes into a stylistic bubble of witty, power riffs and rhythms.

Only a year into their start up project, their debut album ‘Rips’ delivers a fun, 35 minute ride of power-punk tunes. Catchy lyrics and ridiculously fun videos that make you not want to take life so damn seriously, Ex Hex are ready to be set loose onto the rest of the world this year – so make sure you check the dates!

With a hint of ‘50s Sci-Fi B movie, the video ‘Waterfall’ was made by M. Wartella. It includes all members of Ex Hex, and features punk figures like Michelle Mae (the Make-Up, Weird War), Francy Z. Graham (Chain and the Gang), Kid Congo Powers (Nick Cave, the Cramps, the Gun Club), and Alec MacKaye (Ignition, the Faith, the Warmers). MacKaye is wearing the same jacket he wore on the cover of Minor Threat’s 8-song EP and on the cover of Dischord’s first release, the Teen Idles 7” – too good.

Ex Hex album Rips





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