Exclusive Mixtape: Jess Nash

Jess Nash joins our weekly mixtape series with their lost & found on the dancefloor mix. Originally from St Albans, Jess (they / them) now resides in Berlin, splitting their time between there and London. The influences of the love affair Jess has with these two cities can be heard in their mixes. They offer a fast paced cross-genre journey, focussing on mood and feel, whilst using familiar melodies to weave a narrative around tough, intense sounds, delivered with an underlying softness and sensitivity. Immersing themselves in electronic music and the queer community around it has been transformative for Jess; the transcendence and freedom felt whilst on the dancefloor of safer space queer parties across the UK and Berlin is something jess tries to channel both sonically in their mixes, and visually through their photography. With a residency on Berlin’s Refuge Worldwide radio, Jess hosts their ‘Mixed Bag’ show bi-monthly, and has contributed guest mixes for Threads Radio, Charivari Detroit, Radio8000 and Boxout FM. 

this mix is for everyone lost & found on the dancefloor <3 i’ve had some of the most beautiful, transcendental times out recently, so this mix is a nod to that; the intensity of collective energy and shared experiences.