Exclusive Mixtape: Rookley

Rookley music is a live jam of drum machines guitar drones and vocal samples. While listening to the music we deep ourself into a techno rave mood, made of dark atmospheres but yet warm and colorful.
 The mix is a jurney through an introspecive night walk across the city. Fast tempo rythms and melodies drives the audience into Rookley’s exclusive 1h liveset.

The sound aesthetics of ‘Playground’ wants to restore Rookley’s dimension, made of dark, isolated environments, which echo his inner world. Where introspection is combined with the anger and anxiety of those who do not feel at ease in the here and now. Victim and executioner of an imprint made of dissatisfaction and the constant search for a peace that does not come. In the darkness and the discomfort, there is tension and, at the same time, warm abandonment, reassurance. The care for sounds and evoked emotions is the result of research aimed at achieving the exact representation of visceral, intimate, and extremely sincere sensations. There are no filters, everything is authentic, exposed living flesh, made up of significant experiences, alienation, nostalgia for an unwritten future. The language is personal and hermetic, but never encrypted.

Playground is out now: https://rookley.bandcamp.com/album/playground