Exclusive Mixtape: Tante Emma

Tante Emma sets up the weekend with their rave-ready mix. Tante Emma was born in 1993 in a small town in the beautiful state of Bavaria. Music was always a big part in her life. It gave her the ability to escaping out of reality and trying to get away from it. With the age of 17, she realized that she was Transgender and transitioned 1 year later to the now in all over Bavaria and Germany appreciated DJ that she now is. 8 Years ago she started exploring with music and got her hands on 2 really used turntables and a 2 channel mixer which led up to her being mixing all the time to finally accomplish the ability to dj. At first it was only a hobby for her. But then, after getting better and better she then got pushed by various Bavarian DJ’s to start doing it for a living. Which then was realized by moving to Regensburg and led to countless of Gigs in different City’s all around Germany, Austria and Czech Repuplic + Residencies in well known Clubs. She has played numerous warm up Gigs for big Techno Artists like Victor Ruiz, Marika Rossa, Pappenheimer, Vanessa Bukowski and many more.

Until 2020 she was playing every Weekend in different locations and trying to share the word that no matter where you’re from, who you are, what your sexuality is or whatever keeps you back from doing what you love – YOU CAN MAKE IT. She has also played a lot of LGBTQ+ Parties and was booked by a lot of CSD organizers to spread the word. Countless LGBTQ Pride parties included. Unfortunately COVID-19 hit in 2020 which cancelled all booked gigs for her. She then decided to switch up and moved to Berlin to fulfill her dreams more and is now working hard to make herself a name in the hard fought Berlin Techno Scene. First gigs are already planned out and will be coming soon. Also releases are ready to roll in 2022. It will be a huge year for her, for sure.


This Podcast is made to make you go crazy. It is fully equipped with straight, uncompromising Techno and will get your body beat fast. Release your inner Machine and make your body move to this finely assorted podcast. My ultimate goal with music is to reach people. Making someone feel good with themselves is just the perfect reward and always makes me smile to hear. I am using a lot of darker sounds in this Set paired with a lot of fast patterns and massive kicks. LET THE BEAT CONTROL YOUR BODY!