Exclusive Mixtape: We Will Fail

Friday’s here again and we have another exclusive mixtape for you for your listening pleasure. This week’s playlist has been created for KALTBLUT by Aleksandra Grünholz, a.k.a. We Will Fail, a project focused on pleasure of wandering. Field recordings, tape samples, synthesizers and electronic drum kits are mixed together to find some peculiar quality, referring to techno aesthetics. Multi-dimensional artist Aleksandra’s work as a graphic designer has a clear influence on the visuals and creativity of her music, and she has compiled a diverse selection of tracks that will give you an insight into her own influences and style. Listen below.

Hand That Heals / Hand That Bites is out now via Monotype Records. Buy it here.


05.08. Garbicz Festival / PL
27.08. Domoffon Festival / PL
17.09. Wydźwięki / PL
24.09. Todays Art Festiva / NL
16.10. Unsound Festival / PL