EXISTANT by Rafael Dardes

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Conception, Photography and Styling by Rafael Dardes. The model is Lana Santucci. Hair And Make Up by Vedroso. Fashion by Brennheisen, Felipe Fanaia, Davi Ramos, MOUN, B.Dibody.

Rafael Dardes is a Brazilian Photographer and Researcher on Human Identity. He has had his Fashion Photography published across Brazil and around the world in various magazines and publications. Always aiming to evoke self-questioning, he uses his Fashion Photography to raise intellectuality throughout both his images and research.

“Existant” is a tribute to those who feel hidden in the shadows. To those who feel unseen. To those who don’t always look the part, but rather are the part – especially those who are an odd part.
Our appearances constitute a tremendous bit of our Identity, but not it’s whole. For our appearance to emerge to the surface and live amongst others, it must come from within. This is a tribute to all of those who can’t or simply won’t cope with ordinariness, mediocrity, with regularity.

There are contrasts to our existences. Golden bits, dark bits, bright bits, other bits. They must live harmoniously and we must ourselves cast them all outwards as much as possible. Outer people must see contrasts. That is the only way they may, one day, perceive nuances.

There is more to life and there is more to being than just accepting. Coping. Enduring. Submitting. There is more to life than just looking regularly human. There is more to life than just playing a singular role assigned to you at birth.
Womanhood is multiple. Beauty is multiple. Existing is multiple.
I am here. I am still here.
I exist.

Shot in March 2022, in São Paulo, Brazil, using exclusively daylight combined with a light diffuser and reflector.”

Conception, Photography and Styling by Rafael Dardes @rafaeldardes
Hair And Make Up by Vedroso @vedroso
The model is Lana Santucci @lanasantucci (WAY Model @waymodel)
Photography Assistant – Kaio Bastos @kaiohbasto

Brands Used:
Brennheisen @brennheisen
Felipe Fanaia @felipefanaia
Davi Ramos @chapeusdaviramos
MOUN @moun_off
B.Dibody @b.dibody

The Artist’s Research

Human Identity is the focus of his personal, artistic and professional research. In order to unravel this intricate subject, he has, in the past years, dedicated himself to studying Biology, History, Anthropology, and Sociology. These, combined, are the basis for understanding and exploring Human Identity. What it is, where it lies, how it is formed, how we perform it, identity crises, identity loss, non-identity and so on.

That is what his Fashion Photography is about: Identity. By going through most of his pictures, especially non-commercial ones, you can acknowledge elements of this matter.

You can check his overall portfolio, containing both commercial and artistic content, through the link rafaeldardesphotography.tumblr.com