Exploding Plastic Inevitable

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Andriana Tuesday Kmetyk. Styling by Riccardo Santalucia. Make Up by Luca Pieretti and Maya Tinti. Models are Pierre Verdier at Major Model Milan, Dee D at Major Model Milan and Max Leger at Independent Model Management. Brands are Tom Rebl, Bonfilio Hats for Tom Rebl, Paciotti, Radà, Gerlando, Kyme, Simon Cracker, Haori Harmat, Gin Salemò, Elvis Furlan, Gianmarco Capitani.

Andriana Tuesday is a young Italian photographer, already with a lot of achievements.
She’s exploring the world of subcultures and young people and later became passionate about fashion photography.

Riccardo Santalucia is a promising 20 years older fashion stylist from Milano, early in his career. He’s passionate about camp aesthetics, an elegant queer essence with a dark filter.

On this occasion, Andriana accepted the challenge launched by Riccardo: Their two aesthetic and cultural backgrounds weave together, within the exclusive location of the Plastic Club, flowing in this fashion editorial.

When you enter in this club, you can read the writing ‘’Exploding Plastic Inevitable’’.
But this was also the name of Andy Warhol’s Show.  That’s because, in this place who made the night’s history of Milano, becoming a guide for the European clubbing and subcultures in the ’80s, Warhol’s himself danced with other personalities like Prince, Grace Jones, Elton John, Freddie Mercury and Madonna.

A magic place that still continues today to unite different artists together, under the same disco ball: hence the name of this editorial. ‘’Exploding Plastic Inevitable.’’

Art Director, Photography and Retouching by Andriana Tuesday Kmetyk / Instagram: @andriana_tuesday
Styling by Riccardo Santalucia / Instagram: @riccardosantaluciastylist
Make Up by Luca Pieretti / Instagram @lucapieretti_mua and Maya Tinti / Instagram: @mayatintimua
Models are Pierre Verdier at Major Model Milan / Instagram: @pierreverdier_
Dee D at Major Model Milan / Instagram: @dee___eeb
and Max Leger at Independent Model Management / Instagram: @_maxleger_
Lights Designer: Andrea Comite / Instagram: @andrea.comite.7
Photographer’s Assistant: Cristofer Ankkh / Instagram: @ankkh33
Fashion Stylist’s Assistants: Enrico Bellenghi / Instagram: @harrys.films
and Luca Masuelli / Instagram: @kairos.jj

Club Plastic Milano / Instagram: @clubplasticmilano
Claudio Leoni PR / Instagram: @claudioleoni
Mixte Consulting / Instagram: @mixteconsulting
Monica Mazzanti PR / Instagram: @monicamazzanti_pr
Major Models Milano / Instagram: @majormodelsmilano
Independent Model Management / Instagram: @independent_mgmt