Fashion Film Premiere: aPart

KALTBLUT presents: aPart. Designs by Annoula Petrides. Video by Yulia Reznikov. Photography by Gina Tilgert. aPart deals with multiple personalities and the question of identity. aPart – a part of many, apart from each other, merged to one. It deals with the key message that we as personalities are not easy to be defined, consisting of several fragments that have been created and put together in an always changing mixture that can and must not be categorized as a need to define oneself.

There’s a natural desire to classify things, including ourselves, in social structures, in patterns. But how can something that is inherently individual, even if it adapts, always be clearly classified?

„Are you into boys or girls?“ „what’s your religion?“ „you are so thin, I bet you never eat“ „do you have sex on the first date?“ „you were born a boy, so you are a boy“ „why would you wear make up? feminists don’t do that.“

While we always intend to categorize others to understand our environment better, we also tend to categorize ourselves to be understood. Instead, we should embrace that we don’t have to decide who we are, we don’t have to settle. It is the acceptance of our own diversity that helps us to embrace ourselves. I am every one of me, every version, every day.

Design / Styling / Creative Direction: Annoula Petrides @annoulapetrides
Photo: Gina Tilgert @ginasphotographs
Video: Yulia Reznikov @yulia.reznikov

Grace Epolo @grace.epolo (modelwerk)
Bruno Sharif @bruno_sharif (modelwerk)
Jan Wurth @jason_wealer (no agency)
und Laura Louise van Meurs @laura_louise_vm (@aquamarine_official)

Hair by Aljona @aljona_mua und Dean Liesfeld @dean.hairandmakeup
Mua by Karina Eunapu @karina_eunapu_mua und Lina Ortiz @linaortiz_makeup
on set assistance: Katharina Lenz, @kat.lenz