Field of Ponies – Soft Side Capsule Collection

Field of Ponies is a new fashion system

FIELD of PONIES is an independent London label with a post-apocalyptic take on fashion. Since its inception in 2013, the label’s narrative has been drawn from musings on civilisation and its imminent implosion. The brand has positioned itself as an advocate for environmental awareness whilst simultaneously being adopted by the underground Instagram community – where looks often reference violent and dysmorphic imagery. FIELD of PONIES makes us reflect on our inability as humans to identify with nature.

Humanity has always strived to distinguish itself from the natural world. Could it be that now we have no choice but to accept our primal ancestry and shake off our delusions of grandeur?

Elevated loungewear replaces streetwear

Reflections on modern behaviour inform the use of soft, comfortable materials – aiming for a pillow-like feel. Hoods and oversize cuts offer a shield to the wearer, giving a sense of protection whether outside or indoors.

Although we primarily make sweatshirts and sweatpants, we describe our pieces as elevated loungewear. It’s been debated lately that streetwear is over. Loungewear is ready to fill the void – a logical progression since our streets are now empty.

Field of Ponies is a new aesthetic

FIELD of PONIES’ aesthetic stems from a web-based artistic project. The designer created one pony every day over the course of a year using materials found in her immediate environment. The work engendered a modern approach to traditional craft techniques, through the use of quilting and stuffing as well as hand and machine embroidery. Fundamentally the aesthetic reflects the process of using and reusing readily available material – from scraps in the studio, existing stock or odds and ends from suppliers.

FIELD of PONIES believes in working with our hands to inject both labour and love into every piece – a ritual to help us reconnect with ancestral traditions and the pleasure of creation.

FIELD of PONIES’ aesthetic is genderless and reflects a uniformity amongst young, global and community-oriented consumers. 

The brand releases 4 capsule collections per year.  The collections coalesce into one seamless story, releasing chapters one at a time – reusing fabric and trims until they run out. Production is by hand and kept to very low numbers, with fabric scraps retained for reuse. We are fully in control of our production, thus ensuring a sustainable business model. Jersey and sweatshirt materials are used for the core collection, with the addition of faux fur and denim.

Field of Ponies has always been a lockdown brand

FIELD of PONIES is designed and made by Julie Bérubé – AKA Mother Pony. Julie is a single mum of two, and the brand was entirely made in the family home until September 2019 when she moved into a small studio nearby.

“Working slowly and mostly by myself gives me the freedom and space I need to create original ideas, which I feel is getting lost in the actual fashion system”

Julie refuses to hire cheap labour or rely on unpaid internships and continues to make everything herself, including stock for the recently opened retail store in London.

She has collaborated with artists such as Bexey, Ho99o9, Brooke Candy, Salvjiia, Sheidlina, The End Is Near, D6rkangel, Palma Wright, Moon, Death by Romy, Cheeky Maa and more. She also works on side projects as a visual artist, costume designer, stylist and art director.

The Soft Side collection is an antidote

After venturing into new shapes and fabrics with the Metal collection, FIELD of PONIES returns to the original silhouette with Soft Side. A desire to go back to the beginning – to revisit muted colours such as cream, taupe and black, and basic hoodie and sweatpants shapes – was unconsciously unfolding as news of the virus moved closer to home.

The oversize hoodies remain, but the silhouette is more researched – with a kimono-style dropped shoulder and drawstring hem conveying more “dressed up” intentions. The sweatpants’ straight cropped leg imparts an air of elevated slouchiness to an otherwise casual look.

References to flames, fire, ashes and embers can be seen in the textures and experimentation with textile and spray paints. Fire as a sign of destruction and rebirth, its power now all too apparent to Australians and Californians, but also as a metaphor for how quickly life can change and leave behind only memories.

Hoodies retail for £125-£160 and sweatpants around £100.

Field of Ponies as a retail concept store

In October 2019 FIELD of PONIES opened their first retail store in London, set within Rinse Showrooms – a concept retail environment shared by 8 independent designers in the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. The FIELD of PONIES space is completely lined with Mongolian faux fur, with industrial black rails emerging from biotech-inspired neon green bottles. A must-see in the always boundary-pushing spirit of London’s east end.