Fill the blank

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Andrea Sánchez. The models are Carmen Araújo and Marta Toba. Styling by Meri Mariño. Make up by Ana Aldao. Fashion by Lucia Viaño, Saye Brand, Lixo Atelier. In the Blank Madness capsule, the designer Lucía Viaño makes reference to the madness of Van Gogh.

“She takes the white as a base, in reference to the sanatory that the artist entered voluntarily, and the empty sensation that he tried to fill the painting. Once made, the artist Pablo Ozores filled these blank canvas dresses with blue and yellow sprays. Also, two colours reference Van Gogh.

The empty city we used as a location, also seeks to reflect that “uncertain madness” and the existential void of the one who inspires this capsule.”

Photography by Andrea Sánchez / / Instagram: @freckleseye
Model is Marta Toba / Instagram: @martatoba_ / Carmen Araújo / @carrmenaraujo
Styling by Meri Mariño / Instagram: @merimarinho_
Make up by Ana Aldao / Instagram: @aac_merakiart

Brands used are: Lucia Viaño, Saye Brand, Lixo Atelier
Instagram of each brand: @luciavianho / @sayebrand / @lixo.atelier