Film premiere: “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” at San Sebastián Film Festival

A CERTAIN SONG: YES SIR, I CAN BOOGIE! The story of the hit disco song Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, which continues to dominate the fashion world 45 years after its initial release and entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, for most singles sold by a female duo.

Told by Mayte Mateos, founding member of the Spanish duo Baccara, and illustrated by her archive of personal photos, press clippings, and magazine features from the late 1970s era.

This documentary is by Paris-based director Amanda Louise Macchia, who applied her signature pop art style to this collage-focused film and shares the journey of a song created with few expectations, but which has become not only a top staple of European disco, but also synonymous with iconic fashion and beauty brands including Dior, Paco Rabanne, and Charlotte Tilbury.

Written by Frank Dostal and produced by Rolf Soja, the song was recorded in only one day in a studio in Hamburg by Mateos and her dance partner María Mendiola after being discovered performing at a hotel in Fuerteventura. Almost immediately thereafter, the track topped the charts in countries all over the world.

The film will premiere in San Sebastián, Spain, on May 3rd, at the Dock of The Bay Music Documentary Film Festival.

“This film was an important personal project for me for historical reasons, as the song was a record-setting milestone for female recording artists, but it also resonates with me musically and aesthetically.

Baccara were a force of nature in European disco, but Yes Sir, I Can Boogie transcended industries, and has become embedded in what could be described as the ‘soundtrack of high fashion.’

As a fashion film director and a DJ, I can attest to the ongoing relevance of this song, which I believe is due not only to the sophisticated songwriting and production of the track but also to the perfectly stylized branding and image of Baccara which continues to inspire creatives to this day.”

–  Amanda Louise Macchia, director