FINCH has revealed the first ever immersive collection in the world

The Ukrainian brand FINCH has revealed the first ever immersive collection in the world: anyone on the Internet can immerse into the fashion show and change the model’s face to oneself by using augmented reality filters. This leads to a personalized fashion experience at home.

The collection of 12 total looks made in collaboration with 12 artists from Ukraine, Switzerland and Japan is published as a never-ending catwalk show in Instagram and Facebook filters, and you can replace each model’s face with yours in real time (the effect is called deepfake). It’s even better than a front-row experience, it’s you wearing the newest collection yourself, and you need nothing but your social accounts to get involved.

The clothing design is made by FINCH team, the AR technology is made by the augmented reality studio FFFACE.ME. You can test all AR looks yourself within @finch_wear Instagram account.

Here are some looks to try on your device (selfie camera mode is required):

1. Mens trench-coat with Mitya Fenechkin art “I just found my letter to the Future” dedicated to Chornobyl kids, based on real photographs before the catastrophe:

2. Women’s kimono-coat with Nana Biakova’s arts about body memory and the new nature impressions after her moving to Japan:

Watch the video review of all physical looks:

THE IDEA. The main goal of the project is to give every person in the world an opportunity to try on any high-fashion look from the new collection straight away and experience a full-fledged participation in a fashion week. This will help to melt the ice between high-fashion circles and the majority of the people, as well as between the art world and other Ukrainian sectors of economy and culture.

ART. Designer tandem created 12 looks of the new collection together with a team of contemporary artists, some of whom are internationally famous: Vlada Ralko, Marianne Hollenstein.

AR. Then FFFACE.ME, a Ukrainian studio that creates Instagram / Snapchat / TikTok filters and augmented reality communication projects for clients from Eastern and Western Europe, North America and Central Asia, turned FINCH ART SHOW outfits into 12 Instagram filters (all can be found at the “Filters” tab in the FINCH brand Instagram profile:

The project is implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.Founders and creative heads of the FINCH brand, a family couple ​​of Kateryna Biakova and Maksym Holub, decided to change their lives dramatically in 2013. They’ve left their stable jobs in IT- and law companies, moved to Kyiv and began building a business almost no one in this country has ever succeeded in before: a decent fashion brand in the middle market segment.

Among their other major inspirations the couple names wabi-sabi culture, auteur cinema, avant-garde music, contemporary art. Kateryna and Maksym were coherent in using natural fabrics, multilayered geometric silhouettes, custom prints and wearable technology solutions in their designs again and again to make the DNA of the brand firm and recognizable.

This season they’ve created a large-scale cross disciplinary project named the FINCH ART SHOW. It was born at the intersection of fashion, art and tech, involves participation of 12 contemporary artists and technical support of an AR-communication solutions studio FFFACE.ME.


This is the first show in history that integrates the viewer directly into a fashion show and allows him/her to see herself dressed in a look from the new collection of the Ukrainian brand FINCH immediately after the collection is presented to the public.

12 looks with art prints

Each FINCH ART SHOW outfit is a result of the brand’s collaboration with one contemporary artist. FINCH designers tandem created 12 full runway looks with one or more printed elements together with a team of artists from Ukraine, Switzerland and Japan.

Hereditary calligrapher from Osaka city (Takahiko Ishii), Swiss artist, mostly known by her works in the genre of performance (Marianne Hollenstein), pioneer of Ukrainian neo-expressionism (Vlada Ralko) —  12 co-authors of the new FINCH collection specialize in different artistic techniques and have sometimes polar-opposite aesthetics.

Look by look, print by print Vladimir Budnikov, Vlada Ralko, Katya Buchatskaya, Daria Kuzmich, Iurii Denysenkov, Yulia Belyaeva, Nikita Vlasov, Mitya Fenechkin, Nana Biakova, Polina Boichuk, Marianna Hollenstein and Takahiko Ishii have been building a mosaic. FINCH designers were the ones to turn it into a single and solid fashionable statement.