Fish out of water an editorial by Chen Chen

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Graduated from London college of Fashion with Distinction degree, MA Fashion Photography, University of the Arts London. Chen use both digital and Polaroid to explore photography within fashion media. Fish out of water is the result of a collaboartion betwenn Chen, Stylist Luke Smith, fashion designer Marc Morris Mok, jewellery designer Yifan Gao and models Jazz Jamieson and Luke Smith.


Photographer is Chen Chen | @cherryrun | | @Facebook
Stylist is Luke Smith | @lukevsmith
MUA by Crystal Liu | @crystalliu77
HAIR by Sundia Hsu | @sundia.xwx
Fashion Designer is Marc Morris Mok | @marcmok
Jewellery Designer is Yifan Gao | @yifangao_jewellery
Models are Jazz Jamieson | @AMCK | @jazzyfizzal01
Luke Smith  | @lukevsmith
Location | Laboratory S Concept Store