For a fashion story focusing on fitness, Louis Botha and Daniël Geldenhuys found an ideal collaborator in Deston Dauncey, a model turned health and fitness expert they’d both worked with in the past. “A lot of fitness shoots I see sacrifice functional positions to show off a particular muscle,” says Deston, who made his behind-the-camera debut as Movement Coach for this story.” A KALTBLUT exclusive. 

“Pretty much all male models have the same posture and it’s to show off the abs and the chest. It’s interesting to do a shoot where we can show the aesthetic of the body but also focus on the aesthetic of movement and position.”

Photographer: Louis Botha / Instagram: @louisdanielbotha
Fashion Editor: Daniël Geldenhuys / Instagram: @ewithdots
Movement Coach: Deston Dauncey / @destondauncey
Grooming: Richard Wilkinson / Instagram: @richardpaint
Jackwin O’Reilly / Instagram: @jackwin_oreilly
Matthew Prins / Instagram: @matthew.prins