Floating Signifier

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Tomy Tong. Styled by Paul Lam. The model is Nicolas-Mai Elien. Make up by Hans Joyce Wong. Brands used are ymmotbytommy, Zara, Cos and H&M.

Our Flesh and soul will be separated asymptotically.
Eyes closed with darkness all around, stepping on the fine line between life and death,
seeing our dust buried into mother nature.
Most people are not covered in a cloth that is meant to be a protector, a cuddle, or a shelter.
Some of us are frightened of the unknown self, the surroundings, and the future. It’s dark and unseen. Some of us are cherishing our dying breath to say goodbye, strengthened by the faith of our religion.
Death is a Floating Signifier because it is susceptible to multiple or even contradictory interpretations.
We are all just living in Utopia, dying.

Photography by Tomy Tong / tomytong.cargo.site / Instagram: @tomytongs
Assisted by Boku Ching / Instagram: @boku__0617
Styled by Paul Lam / Instagram: @thepersonated_
The model is Nicolas-Mai Elien / Instagram: @mai_elien
Make up by Hans Joyce Wong / Instagram: @joycewongmakeup

Brands used are ymmotbytommy, Zara, Cos and H&M
Instagram name of each brand: @ymmotbytommy @zara @cosstores @hm