Focus on: I-Lun Huang

“Female identity is different according to each culture, but many are based on a patriarchal past where men wield more power than women. Even now, women still struggle with gender hierarchy and have been continuously fighting against this system for a long time. Enlightened by the feminism movement and ideologies in the US, I study gender inequality issues in Asian countries, especially my home country of Taiwan. Many of my works address the constraint and limitation placed on women in Taiwanese society, and the inescapable grip of social expectations and traditions. Through my self-portraits, I strive to rewrite a male-dominated history as well as change the contemporary culture and begin the conversation of gender equality and female empowerment to my birth country.” says I-Lun Huang 

I-Lun Huang is a 1993-born Taiwanese award winning digital artist/Photographer. She started her MFA program in Photography at Purdue University and expected to graduate in May 2019. As a Master of Fine Art photography graduate student at Purdue University, I-Lun has been focusing on the concept of personal identity, contemporary feminism, and culture using digital photography and processes, performance and graphic design.

I-Lun also has been experienced with fashion photography, commercial portrait photography, and wedding photography. Through her years of study, she has received awards from International Photography Awards (USA), Le Prix de la Photographie Paris (Paris) and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Internation Photography Contest (Taiwan).

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