For What It’s Worth

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Carla Fuster. Model is Bawa signed at Le Troch Management. Make up by Monica Cruz. Styling by Carla Hoyos & Gemma Solsona.

The concept behind “ For What It’s Worth” is that it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. You can change or you could stay the same that’s up to you, but always surround yourself with people who with a different point of view and experience things that startle you.

Photography by Carla Fuster / / Instagram: @carlafusterphotography
Model is Bawa signed at Le Troch Management / Instagram: @bawiita
Make up by Monica Cruz / /
Instagram: @its_mmmoni
Styling by Carla Hoyos & Gemma Solsona / /
Instagram: @mammamarmalade

Fashion by

Luis Pacheco @luispachecofficial / Fernando Rodriguez @fernandorodriguezdesign_ / Erica Hidalgo @erica.hidalgoo / Alvaro Calafat @alvarocalafat / Alameda @alameda_brand / Pablo Erroz @pabloerroz / Rosa Hernando Uceda @rosahernando_designs / Mamma Marmalade @mammamarmalade / Grey Clay / Küerno Hats @kuerno_hats / Marc Juan Comunicación @marcjuancomunicacion / Blend Showroom @blendbcnshowroom