FORMEL Skin! Because every skin is different – the individual solution for clear skin

Healthy skin through dermatological solutions directly from home and product sets that are tailored individually to one’s skin with medically effective ingredients: Since FORMEL Skin has been founded in December 2019, the team around the three founders Florian Semler, Anton Kononov and Dr. med. Sarah Bechstein has been striving for new solutions for various skin issues with medical expertise and individualized high-quality products.

Skin issues that are treated include hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea and medical slow-aging – in addition to simple skin blemishes of course. Together with renowned physicians, the founders have taken advantage of the new possibilities of telemedicine to accompany and support patients throughout the whole treatment in the best way possible by providing continuous personal contact. Because no matter how light or dark a skin is, what the age of the patient is, whether man, woman or diverse – every skin and skin challenge needs individual approach for a strong effect. /

Personalized and professional:

Time-saving and effective treatments for skin issues thanks to telemedicine

According to studies 92% of women and 61% of men have experienced skin problems at least once, often resulting in discomfort and embarrassment. And once the hurdle of seeking professional help has been overcome, the process often proves to be very bumpy: Especially patients with public health insurances struggle with long waiting times when it comes to making an appointment with a dermatologist – not to mention the actual appointment duration and the missing option for regular follow-up check-ins.

FORMEL Skin provides a modern, innovative alternative: thanks to the legalization of telemedicine in Germany, it is now possible to be treated remotely and to receive personalized products with medically effective ingredients – digitized, just as professionally as in person appointments and completely within the comfort of your own home. The founding team has developed a holistic treatment concept according to the highest medical standards which provides completely new possibilities for dermatological treatments: True to the claim “Because every skin is different”, FORMEL Skin creates the perfect products for their patients in the form of a personalized set with formula, care, and cleansing and provides them with professionally advising doctors for the entire treatment period. Individuality always comes first. FORMEL Skin does not treat mainly young people in puberty, but there is a balance of different age and gender groups. The formula is the key to success: Every cream is individually tailored to the patient’s skin issues that are ascertained during an online skin analysis performed by trained doctors. Active medical ingredients then are optimally combined and manufactured in a pharmacy – goodbye off-the-rack solutions, hello individual effective skin care!

At FORMEL Skin, we address the individual needs of our patients and create personalized treatments and formulations to specifically respond to their skin problems. Our new treatment approach has been explicitly developed to minimize side effects, while effectively helping the skin to activate its own regeneration processes and trackle specific problems. The cream is customized to different skin types and challenges, while customers get support from trained doctors, pharmacists and cosmeticians to answer all possible questions along the way.”

*Dr. med. Sarah Bechstein, co-founder and dermatologist at FORMEL Skin.

Slow-Aging on prescription

– FORMEL Skin convinces with Medical Slow-Aging

Flawless smooth skin without any wrinkles, a sallow finish and no more pigmentation spots – we have all been dreaming of this since we discovered the first tiny wrinkles when we looked in the mirror and then dimmed the light. Of course “aging” is a natural process that can only be slowed down rather than stopped. However, we can control some of the factors that contribute to skin aging and thus counteract wrinkles and other signs of aging. Dr. med. Sarah Bechstein knows which slow-aging therapies are particularly effective and which active ingredients work for which skin needs: “Basically, we distinguish between chronic skin aging and photoaging – while chronic skin aging depends on intrinsic factors and genetic predisposition, photoaging is caused by UV-radiation: UV-rays keep damaging the skin’s collagen fibers and hereby causing wrinkles. Therefore it is essential to apply sunscreen every day to prevent damage. For signs of chronic aging, we have been focusing on a solution for Medical Slow-Aging and just launched our Slow-Aging treatment, which incorporates Retinoids which are 20x more potent than regular drugstore Retinol.” 

Since June 2021, FORMEL Skin has been addressing the issue of slow aging: Active ingredients such as retinoids, niacinamide or azelaic acid can effectively combat signs of skin aging. This is a concept that is not available on the beauty shelves: The telemedical approach makes it possible to also use prescription ingredients that are particularly effective from a medical point of view. The doctors at FORMEL Skin always start with a low concentration, which can be constantly increased over the months. This minimizes side effects such as initial dryness and skin irritation.

The FORMEL Skin (Slow-Aging) Treatment is available via
The RRP of the three product set with individualized formula, cleansing and care is 49.00 Euro/month, including unlimited attention from the team of doctors, pharmacists and cosmeticians, all reachable through the FORMEL Skin customer portal. (or 59.00 euros for a one-time order).