FreeFreeDomDom – New EP “In Bed”

#StayAtHome .. new sound for you! Laetitia & Philippe, who form the French electro-pop duo FreeFreeDomDom, have relocated to Sintra, a mystical village near Lisbon in Portugal. The couple just released a new EP titled “IN BED” accompanied by a DIY video: a 6 songs voyage, composed and recorded in their home during isolation.

Let’s just stay in bed for a while and think about nothing at all !
Can you do that ? Can you not think at all ?
Let’s just say you are here in bed with us, and we laugh, we cry the pain out, we let it all out !
Wash away our little wounds, and the bigger ones as well.
Why don’t we forget the accomplishments and goals we are trying to reach.
Instead of « I deserve a better life » we might as well enjoy this one a little bit, don’t you think ?
Merci à tous! Thank you all for sharing precious & honest moments with us.
In the end that’s all that matters.